Ready to File for Divorce but Worried About Your Spouse Having Control of Too Much? Get a New Will with an Estate Attorney

27 November 2019
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Going through a divorce can be stressful, if you are considering divorcing your spouse and you want to make sure that they wouldn't have control of your medical decisions and other benefits if something happened to you, meet with an estate lawyer. If you currently have a living will with your spouse you will want to file a new one, and it needs to be notarized so that the other will is voided. Read More 

Understanding The Basics Of Annuities

11 July 2016
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An annuity is a type of financial investment that can help to round out an investment portfolio. Annuities are available in many different forms, with a variety of benefits and terms. It's important to discuss your annuity options with your financial planner before investing in annuities.   The Meaning of Annuity To understand what an annuity is, it's helpful to know that the word annuity refers to the word annual. So annuities are based on a yearly contract schedule. Read More