What Happens If You Need A Tax Extension?

6 January 2019
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If you've always filed your federal income tax return as early as possible so that you can quickly receive your refund, you may know next to nothing about tax return extensions. But for those who find themselves unable to meet the April 15 deadline for individual income tax returns, an extension can be crucial when it comes to avoiding expensive penalties and surcharges. Read on to learn more about the process of filing for an extension and what you can expect if this request is granted. Read More 

The Consequences of an Inaccurate Financial Statement for Your Business

11 August 2016
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A financial statement is a reflection of a business, so it should go without saying that the statement needs to be error free. However, a number of businesses have inaccurate statements. Inaccurate statements don't just offer a false account of an organization; they can also produce a number of costly consequences when it comes to valuation, profit margins, and tax liability. Valuation If the error with your financial statement is an inaccurate account of your sales, this can have a negative effect on the valuation of your business. Read More 

Answering A Couple Of Questions About Bail

9 August 2016
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When a person is arrested for a crime, the legal system will usually allow them to post bail in order to leave jail until it is time for them to appear in court. Unfortunately, this is a part of the legal system that many people have a limited understanding about, and this can make it difficult to make informed decisions. Once the following couple of commonly asked questions about bail are answered, you will better understand the process. Read More 

Four Tips For Getting The Most Value From Your Home Appraisal

5 August 2016
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A home appraisal is a crucial part of the refinancing of your home loan and usually runs you between $200 and $400. Should you come away with a higher assessment of your home, you will end up with many more loan options. If you end up with a lower assessment of your home, you could end up paying a higher rate along with private mortgage insurance costs. Even though an appraiser is in charge of deciding what your home is worth, you have a small part in that as well. Read More 

Three Reasons You Should Require Two Signatures For Business Checks Rather Than One

29 July 2016
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When you have a commercial bank account for your business, you want to have a different set of checks and balances than you would for your personal checking account. A commercial bank account will also require proper paperwork, such as your articles of incorporation, your business certification from the secretary of your state, and personal information about the business and business owners. If you are going to be drawing checks for this account, you will have the option to ask for two signatures to be required, versus one. Read More